Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q: Does the U of W Psychology department have a website?

A: Yes it does! And it is full of very useful information so we encourage you to explore it. The website is: http://psychology.uwinnipeg.ca/

2. Q: How do I apply for Honours?

A: In order to apply for Honours you must email a copy of your transcript, a GPA calculator excel spreadsheet and fill out an Honours form to the Honours Chair. For more information and access to these forms please visit the psychology department website at: http://psychology.uwinnipeg.ca/?page_id=925

3. Q: When do I apply for Honours?

A: You must apply for Honours before your registration date in the Fall to take Fall and Winter courses, and before your registration date in the Spring.

-You must re-apply for Honours each year before your Fall/Winter registration date in order to take Fall and Winter Honours courses.

-You must re-apply before your Spring registration date in order to take Spring courses.

4. Q: When should I get a thesis advisor?

A: If you are doing your thesis the next year, you should get a thesis advisor ASAP. Professors tend to book up quickly with students so it is recommended to contact professors right away.

5. Q: How do I pick a thesis advisor?

A: You should pick an advisor that specializes in the field that you’re interested in (Eg. Social Psychology, Neuropsychology, etc). To find out what areas each professor specializes in, please visit the UW Psychology website.

6. Q: How do I pick a topic for my thesis?

A: You can discuss a thesis topic with the advisor you’ve chosen or pick one in the area that interests you.

7. Q: What is the difference between a BA-Honours and a 3 year BA in Psychology?

A: A BA-Honours in Psychology degree is a “grad school bound” degree. Typically, if you are taking honours, you intend to go to grad school. Three year BA’s typically are not for people who want to go to grad school, however, you can still get into grad school with them if you do pre-masters courses.

Psychology degrees requirement sheet: https://uwinnipeg.ca/academics/calendar/docs/psych.pdf

Biopsychology degree requirement sheet:


8. Q: What is the GRE?

A: The GRE is a test that many grad schools require you to take to gain entry. They take the score you get on the GRE among other things (eg. GPA, etc) to determine whether or not they will allow you into their program.

Please contact faculty or visit http://www.ets.org/gre for more info.

9. Q: How do I study for the GRE?

A: There are many programs, books, and even classes you can take to study for the GRE. The program Magoosh has been highly recommended.

10. Q: How do I become a Teacher’s Assistant, Marker, or Research Assistant?

A: Become tight with a professor and ask him/her. Some positions may also be posted on the UofW employment website https://myavanti.ca/UwinnipegCareers

*Please contact the PSA at psa.uofw@gmail.com, Instagram or our Facebook page for additional questions. 

*Anything on the website is subject to changes at anytime. 



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